ASFB & OSC Joint 2016 ConferenceSeptember 4 - 7, 2016 Hobart, Tasmania


Australian Society for Fish Biology (ASFB) and Oceania Chondrichthyan Society (OCS) 2016 Joint Conference

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Intersections in fish and fisheries science

The fish and fisheries sciences cover a diverse range of study areas, a rich diversity of aquatic habitats and organisms and an ever increasing breadth of innovative research methodologies.

Opportunities for exploiting intersections in fish and fisheries sciences are becoming more abundant, due to major advances in technology and innovations in scientific thinking and adaptive management. Communication mediums are now almost seamless; with the result that new interdisciplinary collaborations are producing rewarding outcomes via free knowledge exchange. However, this can also present challenges, as additional layers of complexity and opportunity are revealed.

Beyond traditional research, opportunities for intersections and engagement with a broad range of stakeholders and our wider community are also increasing. Citizen science projects, stakeholder cooperative research programs, socio-ecological approaches, and effective science communication strategies are now commonplace. Indeed, the community, government and other stakeholders often justifiably expect meaningful engagement with scientists, and full transparency in publicly funded research.

Are we, at the frontline of these developments in fish and fisheries science, prepared to engage with this bold new world?

We invite you to the 2016 joint ASFB-OCS annual conference in Hobart, Tasmania. A fantastic opportunity to expand your horizons, share your ideas, seek out collaborations, and strengthen professional networks within and beyond your traditional sphere of influence.

Conference Scientific Committee

Sean Tracey (IMAS – ASFB Chair)
Heidi Pethybridge (CSIRO – ASFB Chair)
Will White (CSIRO – OCS Chair)
Chris Fulton (ASFB president)
Andrew Chin (OCS president)
Brendan Ebner (ASFB Workshop & Conference Coordinator)
Alistair Hobday (CSIRO)
Tim Farrell (Tas IFS)
Madi Green (IMAS/CSIRO, ASFB/OCS – student rep)
Nick Ling (Uni of Waikato – NZ)
Peter Yates (AAD)
Peter Coulson (Murdoch Uni – 2017 host)
Emily Fisher (WA fisheries – 2017 host)